Design thinking for
April 20-21, February / Donskaya str. 60, Shanhai
Design thinking is the foundation of a truly innovative company and an essential business quality of its leader. The principles of design thinking can be applied in a wide variety of organizations, not only in companies developing new products.
Workshop program
Influence of new media, strategy building techniques and visualization of design thinking
1. Первый шаг
How to implement design thinking in a company. Overview of stages in large and medium-sized companies. Integration of the methodology into the workflow. Case studies from practice.
2. Methodology
Design thinking as a method of developing user-oriented products, services and services. The workshop will focus on the main features of the methodology.
3. Prototyping
At the workshop, you'll practice your skills in formulating hypotheses for testing and make and test rapid prototypes of ideas with users on your own.
4. organization of work
Attendees will learn how coworking space affects team effectiveness and the number of new ideas, and how to create an environment for radical productivity.
5. Storytelling
A practical group exercise where participants will choose a brand they know and create a story around it, revealing its key human elements.
a6. Analysis of approaches
Assessment of the organization's readiness to implement design thinking, a plan for the first steps towards building a user-centered corporate and design culture.
Куратор программы
  • Jeffie Stone
    Creative Director of Digital Design Studio
Creative director of a design studio and teacher. He has experience as an Art Director at Badoo and Creative Director at IDEO's Design for Change studio, as well as curating and teaching educational courses at Open University.

Jeff is an international award winner: 4 Cannes Lions, 6 D&AD awards, Epica and more.

Here are some of the companies he has worked with: Nike, L'Oreal, Toyota Japan, Lexus, Peugeot, Garnier, Google and others.
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