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Insurance disputes
Indemnification by insurance company in case of road accident
A car today is not a luxury, but quite an expensive pleasure. Therefore, every owner is interested in material protection of his property in case of a traffic accident. The vehicle of both guilty and innocent parties can be damaged, and reimbursement of expenses will require a huge financial loss from the car owner.

The special program offers three main policies that guarantee insurance compensation to the owner of the damaged car.

Types of insurance policies:

OSAGO - compulsory motor third party liability insurance for owners of land vehicles, providing insurance protection for the property and health of victims of road accidents.
DOSAGO - additional voluntary insurance of civil liability of owners of land vehicles, which provides insurance protection of property and health of victims of road accidents.
CASCO - voluntary car insurance against damage caused by road accidents, unlawful acts of third parties (theft) and natural disasters (fire, lightning, etc.).
What to do if the insurance company does not pay out money
It is quite difficult for a car owner to determine the moment when it is time to take emergency measures. Ignorance of the law, confusion, traffic accident, inability to quickly orientate in the situation plays into the "hand" of an unscrupulous insurance company.

Signs that the insurance company does not want to pay money:

Refuses to accept documents
Delays the term of payment without specifying the reasons.
Addresses with a demand for compensation to the perpetrator of the accident.
Underestimates the value of material damage.
Imposes an estimated amount determined by its own evaluation commission.
Refuses to pay out because of violation of the term for reporting an insured event or because of the inability to identify all the nuances of the accident.
Work experience and practice
Insurance disputes and their resolution
When refusing to pay out. Carefully study the reasons, if they are unlawful - write a claim to the insurance company, then file a lawsuit.
When delaying the terms or lack of payment without reasons. File a complaint to the National Commission for Financial Services, if there is no result - go to court with the claim of the insurance company.
Why car owners trust an insurance defense attorney
The main task of the legal department of the insurance company - to prevent huge payments on the insurance policy. On their side - experience, the ability to quickly navigate in a particular situation, thorough knowledge of the law and all procedural nuances. Therefore, in a dispute with the insurance company, it is better to turn to a professional lawyer - auto lawyer, who more than once came out victorious in battles with large corporate structures and government agencies.

What to do the driver in a dispute with the insurance company

Try to resolve the insurance dispute through the court yourself. But then get ready for queues, court hearings, multiple correspondence of claims and complaints, loss of time, effort, health.
To seek help from a lawyer in insurance disputes, which will act in defense of the rights and interests of the client.
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On protection
Trusting an insurance lawyer, you will get:
Objective analysis of the situation, consultation and the optimal strategy for resolving the insurance dispute.
Assistance in collecting additional facts and evidence.
Preparation of all procedural documentation for the trial.
An official representative who will participate in all court hearings.
Increased chance of a favorable decision of the court
Insurance lawyer not only represents the client, he - is ready to win and recover maximum damages from the insurance company.
Personal consultation
Our lawyer is always on call. He will listen, weigh the pros and cons and give a comprehensive answer by phone or in person.
Analyzing the situation
Reviewing the documents of your case will give the lawyer a clear understanding of the way to solve the problem.