Margo Lemonova
I help to solve judicial and pre-trial legal issues. I work with individuals and legal entities, help in running a business.

India, +456 344 267 15 24
My services
Housing issues, appealing court decisions, inheritance issues, real estate issues, notary services, execution of documents to state authorities, migration law, representation in court, civil law consultations, participation in negotiations.
Legal entities
Work contracts, tax management, debt collection, protection of intellectual property rights, business support, government procurement, cash settlements, employee registration, registration and closing of business, registration and closing of sole proprietorships, attorney for DDPs
Work experience and practice
My legal experience is 10 years and I am a member of the Indiana City Bar Association. I work throughout the North-West district.
During my many years of legal practice I have more than 100 won cases in various areas of legal law. I help individuals and companies.

I provide legal assistance in various areas of activity of both citizens and legal entities. I provide services on complex support of business, resolution of economic and general civil disputes, family law, criminal law.

I participate as a representative in civil and administrative proceedings. I can also assist in drafting and filing individual complaints to the European Court of Human Rights.
Legal news and useful materials
On protection of personal data
Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property in 1883.
Intellectual property
Often attributed to unfair competition laws
Real Estate Registration
The legislation provides for deductions for the amount of income.